Our First Vacation

We’re on something called a vacation. We don’t know why people go on these things. We got in the car & rode for hours. The night we arrived Mommy took us for a walk at 11:30 pm and it was dark. She fell down & ended up in the ER with a sprained foot and zorked knee. She’s on something called crutches which is no fun because she can’t take us on long walks or even go very fast. We’ve been helping her go tho’ because we are in training for the Iditarod & pull her around. She’s been yelling at us a lot. She’s not very grateful. Sometimes she cries & we feel bad. Then Zoey ate something she shouldn’t have and threw up all night & had the runs. I’m trying to make her feel better. Speaking of eating, this morning when we were outside a tiny little girl was standing there holding a plate of donuts! Mommy was trying to hold on to us, the crutches & keep herself upright. She told the cute little girl, “Would you please just go, I can’t hold them like this much longer.” The girl said, “It’s ok, I like dogs.” Mommy told the girl the puppies would eat the donuts and the girl said she’d share. We do play quietly but miss all our room to run. Mommy said she can’t wait to go home. I think we can’t wait too.

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