Going On A Road Trip

Mommy took me on a road trip to Portland. Sally was busy having puppies and wasn’t home with us.

We had lots of fun in Portland. There was lots of food for mommy to eat and I even saw some rabbits to chase.


Mommy fell on some black ice in Twin Falls on our way to Portland. I knew something was wrong with her knee (aside for her moaning and cursing and hobbling). I kept licking the knee to try to make it better but it didn’t fix it. She went to the urgent care in Portland. I helped her while she was way up on a table getting an X-ray. The doctor said she broke her knee cap.

I really stepped up being her helper girl because she was hobbling everywhere.


I was a tired girl each night from all the things to do and see. (See this toy? Samson gave it to me. I love it. You’ll read more about Samson below.)


I look good on this bed.


We stayed at the Aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station. They like dogs and even provide a dog bed.


But I told them I was happy with this bed.


I loved on my mommy’s friend. She was really nice and liked me. Everyone seemed to like me.


We listened to live music from this pretty lady.


My favoritest person — other than mommy — was this guy. His name is Samson Clay. He was so friendly and so nice. He helped mommy with her bags when we arrived. He also took me for a good walk since mommy could only hobble at a snail’s pace on her crutches. He was just the nicest guy. He moved to the AC Hotel in Nashville and we hope to see him when we go to Nashville some day.


Me….every night…..I couldn’t wait to see my sister again to tell her all about our trip.



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